Delightful Job Queueingfor Serverless

Taskless makes running background tasks and job queues easy; it's optimized for a serverless world with an unmatched developer experience. screenshot

Meant for Modern Frameworks

Tools You Already Love

Turn your edge functions into serverless queues with a few lines of code. Taskless supports many of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, and a full-featured client for those we have't gotten to yet.

// /api/queues/echo
import { createQueue } from "@taskless/next";

/** Describes our Queue's payload **/
type Echo = {
  content: string;

export default createQueue<Echo>(
  "echo-details", // 👈🏼 The name of your queue
  "/api/queues/echo", // 👈🏼 The URL path this queue is reachable on
  async (job, meta) => {
    console.log("And done! 🎉");

A Premium Developer Experience

Taskless' dev server makes localhost development easy. No ngrok, no tunnels. Just easy testable jobs. Available on GitHub.

$ concurrently -n taskless,next taskless 'next dev'

Everything you need

Enterprise Ready Features

Taskless was built with the enterprise cloud in mind. Features like E2E encryption keep your data safe, while a rich set of Job strategies let you handle any type of workload.

End-to-End Encrypted

Every Taskless payload is encrypted end-to-end, so your data is only ever readable by you.

Smart Recurrence

Tasks run when you want them to, as frequently or as far off in the future as you need them.

Integrated Dashboard

With robust job searches and health monitoring, you'll never need to debug a Redis or SQS queue again.

Fanout Jobs

Break up large tasks into smaller digestible chunks on individual lambdas.

Cron Jobs

Once a month, twice a week, whatever * * * * * is your fancy.

Any Scale

From scheduling and sending invoices, to mobile push notifications, to transcoding video, Taskless can handle it.

Serverless, with Taskless