Testing Payloads

When process.env.TASKLESS_ENV or process.env.NODE_ENV is developent, Taskless will accept unsigned and unencrypted JSON payloads to help you test receiving job data before you go to production. Some common uses cases for endpoint testing include:

  • End to End tests where you want to verify a series of Jobs are triggered (such as a fan-out job)
  • Jobs with well known test data
  • Development scenarios where you don't want to use the Taskless Dev Server, and wish to make requests manually using a tool such as Postman or Insomnia

A raw development payload only requires that you specify the version "v": 1 parameter in your JSON, and then you may pass any additional job data to the json key.

2 "v": 1,
3 "json": {
4 // put your payload here
5 }

When Taskless sees a development payload and the environment is development, Taskless will emit a warning once per queue. This is so that developers can catch issues with unsigned payloads unrelated to the development endpoint testing. In production, using the json attribute in a Taskless body will throw an error.