The Taskless Dev Server

The Taskless Dev Server (TDS) is a dev dependency that lets you run a local Taskless instance for development and testing without making calls to As much as possible, we work to ensure TDS has the same feature set as the main Taskless site, simplified down to a node.js-friendly module.


Install @taskless/dev into your development dependencies via your JS package manager of choice.

1# npm
2npm install --save-dev @taskless/dev
3# yarn
4yarn add -D @taskless/dev
5# pnpm
6pnpm add -D @taskless/dev

To run TDS alongside your code, it makes sense to add a concurrency library such as npm-run-all with the -p flag, or concurrently. The end result is a package.json scripts section that might look like this:

2 "scripts": {
3 "...": "...",
4 "dev": "concurrently -n taskless,next taskless 'node ./index.js'"
5 }

When TDS starts, it is available at http://localhost:3001


-p, --port--port=3000Change the port TDS runs on away from the default port of 3001. Updating this value means you should also set your TASKLESS_DEV_ENDPOINT variable to http://localhost:<PORT>/api/rpc so that Taskless knows where TDS is located
-d, --debug--debug=errorChange the logging threshold for TDS from the default of info. From quietest to noisiest: error => warn => info => debug